​Sin was born on our place 3 years ago, she is Nubian/Alpine doe. This will be her third pregnancy, she is due in April, bred to Gandolf. This doe produces loud black and white kids, has thrown quite a few blue eyed kids as well. Sin has a beautiful milk bag, wonderfully attentive mother and a well loved addition to our herd. Her kids are ideal for those buyers looking for good milkers in a smaller package.

​Ralph aka Ralphie is our Uncle of our herd. We have had Ralphie since he was a weanling, he was a bottle baby and is purebred Alpine. He is the comedian of the group and is a favorite amongst guests who come to our farm. He will always have a place with us, despite multiple offers on him. You are here to stay Ralphie, and we love you dearly.

Joni Jr aka J.J. was born on our place last year. She is a blue eyed doeling out of Sin and by a Nigerian Dwarf buck. She has a beautiful blue roan pinto color and has blue eyes. JJ left us summer of 2016. RIP Joni Jr, you were loved.

Our forever goat family members

Polly was born on deaths door, her first time mama had triplets instead of a single and was overwhelmed so we stepped in and raised Polly. She lived in the house with us, wore diapers, got baths, road in the car, even went grocery shopping. She is our little ray of sunshine. She is now caretaker to the babies, she is very tiny and will never be more then 30lbs. She is the ambassador to our little herd and we just love her to pieces. She will always have a place in our hearts.

​Gandalf our 3 year old herd sire. He is a registered Nigerian Dwarf buck that has blue eyes. He throws lots of black and white babies and has plenty of blue eyed babies.

​We charge $50.00 per doe to breed to him and we require your doe has a current vet exam and is free of any infectious diseases.

​Our does are due mid March 2016. Currently accepting deposits on goats in utero. Goats can be registered. We have shipped goats as far as Alaska! ​​

Our Does

​Join our waiting list! Our next batch of kids are due March 2017 we should have 10+ to choose from.

Our Happy Customers and Offspring!

Frederick Hammerstein aka Hammy is one of the sweetest, silliest goats ever! He is a great Uncle to our kids, we aren't sure how old this guy is, but he has a forever home with us, regardless. We suspect he is full Nigerian Dwarf, but he warms our heart. We love you Hammy!

Sasha is a purebred Alpine doe that we have had for a number of years, this will be her fourth pregnancy. She is bred to Gandolf for an April 2016 kidding. This doe produces beautiful colors, throws 50% blue eyes when bred to Gandolf and has produced some great milking doelings. Sasha is very friendly, easy to be around, first to greet you in the pasture and a blessing on or farm.

​Natasha is a purebred Nubian doe that we bred to Gandolf for an April 2016 kid. This is her first pregnancy so we are expecting one big healthy kid. Natasha was shy at first but has come around beautifully and is a pleasure to have in our herd. Excited to see how this doe milks out, and what she produces. Her kid will be fore sale.