​Superfine Image or "Sophie," is an  incredible Saddlebred mare I had the privilege of riding in my younger years and then was able to purchase from a former client of mine. She is with me forever and will never be sold. She produced an incredible full Saddlebred gelding that has gone on to win in his division in dressage and is an ambassador for the breed. She has also produced an incredible Friesian cross colt (Madrid, on our for sale page). She will be bred to the Palomino Saddlebred stallion Memories Centennial Gold in 2017. From there she will be retired and live her life in our fields loved and pampered.

We have some very special horses at Warmbloods Maximus. From our lesson horses to our broodmares, each horse is unique and special in their own way and we consider ourselves blessed that they chose us!

Ahwaga's Sunn Essence "Desdemona" is a 2003 model full Saddlebred mare. She has come into our breeding program and has found a forever home. She has beauty, brains, movement and temperament to DIE for! We will be breeding her to Indians Desert Panda in 2017, hoping for size, substance and of course color in the foal. ​​​

​Ona Lee "Ona," is a Dutch Warmblood mare that I have had for four years and just recently purchased.  She gifted us an incredible Friesian cross colt (WM Wizard, can be seen on our for sale page) and is being bred to an Arabian stallion Aulsovain for a 2018 foal.  Since she is in her early teenage years she will get a year or two off before we breed her again, but she like Sophie has a forever with us and will never be sold and will live out her life in our fields, pampered and loved.

​Max is the original, the one who started it all. I had ridden many many horses but I had never officially owned a horse till I got this guy. I bought him from my family and had him gelded, I started him under saddle and was showing him with in 6 months. The sky was the limit for us, he was my everything. We did eventing, dressage, rail classes and two years ago I started him driving. Shortly after he became my driving horse he tore a tendon, out in the field, so severely that his riding/driving career came to an end. I have owned him for nearly 16 years, he watches over my yearlings and 2 year olds and is the Uncle for all my young stock. I thank you Max for still taking care of business, as always.

Jameela is her registered name but at the farm she has only been known as Bijou. I was gifted Bijou, a Dutch Warmblood mare sired by the great Roemer and out of an Ahorn daughter, 3.5 years ago and it was love at first sight for both of us. This girl is my heart and soul, she listens beautifully, is happy to be working and thrives best when she has a job. At almost 25 years old, you would never guess and I have had many people meet her and do a double take when I tell them my mare is 25, most people think she is 10! Currently she is keeper of the babies and my steady eddy. After several very traumatic falls, accidents and a stallion kicking me in the face, me having fear issues is an understatement, Bijou knows right when to push me, and when I need her to be steady and strong. We have developed such a beautiful relationship, she is truly my horse of a lifetime and my life is enriched because she is in it.

 ​Far Away Diva Cat, "Xelke" is a six year old full Saddlebred mare I adopted from Team American Saddlebreds. While I do not intend to breed her for a few years, I am hoping to make her my next riding horse. We have retired Bijou and Xelke is just the perfect size, temperament and movement for me. What better way to represent the American Saddlebreds I love so much then to ride one and develop one to be a dressage horse! Do follow our journey, I am so excited to begin!